Ronald G. Ajemian


Owl Fiber Optics, Flushing, New York 11372

Ron Ajemian started with fiber optic technology back in 1980 at the Winter Olympics Games at Lake Placid, New York to carry these games worldwide. His experience was specialized in using fiber optics in the field of audio and video/broadcast, lighting etc. Although Ron developed many tutorials, magazines and book articles his knowledge led to many new and cutting-edge devices. Mr. Ajemian has lectured for many organizations with specifically geared seminars/courses relating to fiber optic technology usage for AV recording and live concert programs. If you are looking for a quick and easy understanding of fiber optic technology in the most efficient time look no further. Ronald G. Ajemian is a member of the following organizations:

AES Audio Engineering Society
Optica (formerly OSA)
CWA Communication Workers of America
TPA Telephone Pioneers of America
SMPTE Sound Motion Picture Television Engineers, etc.